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Archery Services / Products in Regina

Compound and Traditional Bows

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When it comes to finding the right bow for you, it really is a personal preference. Here at No. 1 Archery & Sports we have the perfect bow for all Archery enthusiasts. Whether you are a purist and prefer to use a traditional bow, or want to have the ease of using a compound bow, we will help fit you to your appropriate bow.

Often times, people ask what the difference is between a traditional and a compound bow. The biggest difference is that the traditional bow is mostly based on instinct and simplicity. Compound bows have more components to make consistency and accuracy more achievable. We will make sure that no matter which way you decide, you will leave with the correct equipment and hitting where you need to be. When you see that big buck, you will not be questioning whether your equipment is going to fail. You can just focus on the shot and taking that picture of you with your trophy at the end.

Bow Accessories and Hunting Equipment

After your bow purchase there is always new technology coming out to help enhance your bows. Every year we see a great amount of improvement in the sport. Some of the other Hunting Equipment that we offer includes: tree stands, ground blinds, hunting clothes, scent-free detergent, soaps, field wipes, and everything else to make you blend in to the elements. Whether you are looking for a new sight, broad heads, arrows, releases, quivers, drop-rests, fletchings or any other type of shooting accessory, be sure to check us out! Some of our brands include:

  • Martin Archery
  • Bear Archery
  • Easton Arrows
  • Jandoa
  • HHA Sights
  • Sure-Loc Sights
  • Trophy Ridge Archery
  • Cobra Archery
  • Rinehart Targets
  • SKB Cases
  • Neet Products

Youth Equipment

At No.1 Archery & Sports, we not only specialize in compound and traditional bows for archery, but we also help tomorrow’s generation get their jump start and gain an appreciation for the sport. The best part of getting the youth into the sport is seeing the smiles on their face when they get to shoot a bow for the very first time! We are here to help you and your family pass on the enjoyment of archery to our youth so that they can help manage and preserve the sport of archery in the future.

Book an Archery Birthday Party or Time on the Range

To become a great archer, it doesn’t just happen overnight. It is vital to be sure to shoot your bow and get comfortable with your bow with repetition. When it comes to No.1 Archery & Sports, we want to ensure that you don’t leave us with your new compound or traditional bow without having a great place to practice shooting your bow, and offer a great range for all of our bow enthusiasts.

Not only is our archery range a great place to shoot your compound or tradition bow, but it is a great place to have a party for your kids! We have a great setup and discounts for birthday parties for today’s youth. It is another way for your son or daughter to share their love archery with their friends. Call us today to book your child’s next archery birthday party.